Truro a great little city with a big heart!

Coming Events


We will also be intending to provide advice on:

  • Finance
  • CV building
  • Careers
  • Household trades

We already have some volunteers willing to provide advice, but if you feel you are able to add your skills please contact us

Community Interests

Bringing a great community closer together

Truro Nourish Hub is a new initiative set up to support our local community with a range of services and advice,

Over the last few years, our community has faced several issues that have impacted mental and physical health. 

As a direct result of some of these issues, we decided to do something that will give back to our community and offer some hope.

We aim to offer a food provision which not only shares hot healthy meals but provides a safe place for people to meet and engage with their community. 


Community Hub

Community kitchens are great ways of creating hubs of informal advice and support for the community, creating a space where everyone can share experiences or offer help when someone needs it, offering immediate and longer term solutions

Community kitchens are for everyone, regardless of whether they can afford a meal or not.

Bringing people together from different backgrounds, can heal divisions and dismantle a lot of preconceptions that people may not realize they have – all through the power of a shared meal!

Who We Are

We are a community interest company, coming together to offer a helping hand in some of the hardest and most isolating times the UK has experienced. Whether you are starting to feel the effects of the UK's economic instability or have lost touch with the community because of the pandemic we aim to offer a place that can offer support and community in the heart of the City.

We have a small team of directors with a much wider team of local support who enthusiastically volunteer their time, expertise and skills.

Our Directors

Clinton Sealy
Mark Roby
Charlotte Williams


Truro Cathedral
Cornwall Rural Community Charity
The Old Dairy Spar 
Truro Farmers Market
Clear Support
Man Down
The Rising Sun
The Friends of Daubuz Moor
Truro Community Refugee Support
Community Energy Plus


Volunteers are the lifeblood of community hubs

We are lucky at Truro Nourish Hub to have had a great deal of interest in supporting this community project, from many different people in the community, who are able to offer different skills and support in the launching and running of this initiative.

If you would like to get involved and can support Truro Nourish Hub will your time or skills or would like to support in any other way, please contact us for more information

Where to find us

Truro Cathedral Chapter House

Probably the most important thing is having a space to host a community kitchen. They can come in all shapes and sizes: Community centres, village halls, churches and other places of worship, street corners, parks in summer, restaurants and cafés out of hours.

We have been very lucky to be able to use the Chapter House, part of Truro Cathedral.